The tradition of 13 desserts in Provence

In Provence, during the Christmas meal a tradition perpetuated for years.

Since, and XXth century the mention 13 desserts exist. It is linked to the mythical painting by Leonardo da Vinci, " The Lord's Supper ". The number 13, corresponds to the number of characters illustrated in this table.

The composition of 13 desserts vary from one city to another in Provence.

Tradition has it that 13 desserts be:

  • Walnuts or hazelnuts representing the Augustinians
  • Dried almonds symbolize the Carmelites
  • Dried figs represent the Franciscan order
  • Dates which symbolize the coming of Christ from the East
  • Raisins that represent the Dominicans
  • Fresh grapes
  • Orange or tangerine which symbolizes wealth
  • Watermelon
  • An exotic fruit
  • White nougat
  • Black nougat
  • From the oil pump
  • Calissons

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We wish you happy holidays!